Stair Lift Installers

Stair lifts are motorised chairs that require installation in order for them to function. They are used by people with disabilities who find climbing stairs tedious, if not impossible. Installing a stair lift designed to fit on a straight staircase is basically a simple job that requires only one person and one to several hours to complete. The reason why this form of installation is hassle-free is because stair lifts created for straight staircases are usually attached to the staircase tread, and not the walls along the stairway.

Straight vs Curved Stair Lift Installers

Stair lift installers are thus exempt from the tedious process of bracing the stair lifts on the wall, a task required in the case of curved rail stair lifts. This job is much more complex and demands quite a lot of expertise in order for the stair lift to be installed correctly. People that require this type of device need to assess and discuss the situation with a reputable service provider, and mustn't attempt self-installation as this imposes too much risk when dealing with the attachment of curved rail stair lifts.

Straight stair lifts are oftentimes suitable for DIY installation, case in which home owners can save money on stair lift installers. In fact, some machines are actually designed for installation by the customer, and since many people are interested in performing this task themselves, this form of stair lift has an increasing demand within the industry.

Stair Lift Installers - Other Considerations

When installing the device, stair lift installers need to take into account the material from which the staircase is made, and also if it is carpeted or not. In the latter case, stair lift installers have to fix the screws directly through the carpet and the pad, whilst if the staircases are constructed from heavy materials such as concrete, stone or if the staircase is covered in ceramic tile, stair lift installers have to use different fixings in order to install the machine safely. Self-Installation is Often Unadvised

In some situations, customers themselves are fit to become their own stair lift installers, but in most circumstances, the task necessitates practical skills and ability to manipulate the equipment, requirements which a regular home owner might not have. Only an experienced specialist can perform an accurate survey of the staircase and decide upon the best ways of installing the stair lift properly.

Stair Lift Installers - The Installation Process

Subsequently to a staircase evaluation, the stair lift installers can begin fitting the rail. This can be achieved on either side of the stairs according to the customer's preferences, but it also has to facilitate the access and use. Stair lift installers fix the track to the stairs by using brackets which are screwed into the stair tread. The track can come in more than one section, the stair lift installers having to connect the parts together during installation. Afterwards, the motor of the device is mounted onto the rail, the couple of things left to be done being the easy attachment job of the seat, and the tests required to determine whether the installation was a success or not.

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