Stair Gates and Stair Lifts

Those who are disabled for various reasons find that installing a stair lift in their home can give them the freedom to help them live at home longer without extra assistance. Stair lifts can be easily installed to match every stairway and allow people who otherwise would have to stay downstairs that ability to use both floors of their home. This can be especially beneficial if the home only has bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. It can eliminate the need of extra construction to their home.

Stair lifts come in several different styles where some will allow the rider to sit, stand or perch on the stair lift as it takes them up the stairs. Others are made so that the entire wheelchair can fit on the stair lift and take them and their wheelchair up the stairs. The amount of space that will be required to install a stair lift will depend on the type of stair lift that you choose to have installed. If you only have one stairway to use for this, things can become complicated. It is best for the protection of the person disabled as well as visitors to your home to install stair gates and stair lifts at the same time.

Stair Gates for Protection

Stair gates and stair lifts are often installed at the same time to add greater protection for both the disabled resident of the home and visitors to the home. The gate will help to prevent anybody from accidentally falling down the stairs. The stair gate can stop a wheelchair and prevent it from falling down the stairway. Adding a stair gate can also prevent younger visitors from playing with the stair lift and causing potential harm to them and the stair lift.

Stair gates can be installed either at the top or the bottom of the stairway. You can choose to have the stair gates and stair lifts installed by the same contractor who will be able to position them in the right location so that they work great with together and provide the protection you need. These stair gates can be made of wood, plastic or metal and come in various sizes to match any stairway. The gates are usually screwed directly into the wall to give maximum strength to the gate. These gates can either be attached on one side of the wall and the other side opens to allow entrance or both sides can be attached and a gate placed in the middle allowing entrance.

For those who do not wish to have stair gates and stair lifts installed they can opt to have an alarm system put in so that it will go off if someone went passed a certain point on the stairs. Which ever option you select will protect anyone from any possible dangers. You really should not purchase a stair lift without the use of a stair gate because for just a small fraction more you can have peace of mind that everyone will remain safe. When discussing your plans with your contractor be sure to ask him about installing stair gates and stair lifts together.

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