Sit and stand frame for Stairlifts

The sit and stand frame for stairlifts is ideal for those who find it difficult to sit with their knees bent but have to share the stairlift with someone with legs too weak to stand while taking the stairs. In short, it's great for those homes in which the stairlift is used by more than one individual with different needs.

Those who choose to sit can do so comfortably on the sit and stand frame for stairlifts, while those who want to stand can also do so comfortably with the help of the steady bars provided. These steady bars are often foldable as well and can be used all the time or only when required depending on your preferences and circumstances.

Sit and stand frame for stairlifts also come with additional accessories such as safety locks, seatbelts, etc. All of these features are best checked out at the time of deciding on the right stairlift to suit your special needs. Seatbelts are fitted to go either around your waist or to strap your shoulders. Locks can be used to ensure the sit and stand frame for stairlifts aren't used by unauthorized persons. There are several brands that are known in this industry. Meditek is considered to be one of the best manufacturers of sit and stand frames for stairlifts here in the UK due to the safety levels their equipment offer.

The sit and stand frames for stairlifts that they offer to potential customers also have such features as powered swivel, height adjustment, etc., all of which ensure you're utterly comfortable taking the stairs in your home. Swivel seats, especially are ideal for those with stairways that are slightly curved. Even those with straight stairways do require to twist while getting off the seat – a process the swivel seat can simply.

If your stairway is narrow and you feel that installing sit and stand frames for stairlifts will further congest it, then consider such accessories as hinged rails that are foldable at the bottom, as well as a sit and stand frame that comes with foldable footrests and seats.

Almost all well-known brand names in the sit and stand frame for stairlifts' industry offer all of these accessories an options. Some such brands in the UK market include Acorn Stairlifts, Assured Stairlifts, Brooks Stairlifts, etc.

Brooks Stairlifts offer customers with additional accessories and facilities including the use of a wireless remote that allows you to either call the lift down or send it upstairs for someone else's use. Some of the sit and stand frames for stairlifts come with a joystick installed. Movement is made easy by shifting the joystick in the direction you want to go in. The carriage of some sit and stand frames for stairlifts also come equipped with sensors that don't allow the seat to move if something's blocking the stairlift's progress.

Some important factors to consider when deciding include, the price (whether or not it includes installing charges), the amount of time installation will take, the time period for which it will be covered by warranty and the service provided if the stairlift stops functioning.

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