Seatbelts for Stairlifts

Are you wondering if it's important to get seatbelts for stairlifts and what options you have at your disposal? Well, we'll take a look at both questions in a little bit. First, though, let me assure you that the British Standard – BS5776 – created in 1996 ensures the safety of all those who install stairlifts in their homes. All stairlift manufacturers are required by law to adhere to these standards. This in other words translates to safety in the use of stairlifts (if purchased from a well-known British brand), whether or not you've shelled out extra to have seatbelts for stairlifts you might have had installed.

Now let's consider whether or not seatbelts for stairlifts make much of a difference – Well, according to the BS5776, it's imperative that seatbelts for stairlifts be attached at the time of purchase as a matter of compliance. If the manufacturer you have chosen tries to make you spend extra to get a seatbelt, make it known that you are familiar with this compliance factor.

Seatbelts for stairlifts definitely enhance the security and safety of using a stairlift that essentially is a moving device and can result in people with limited mobility and slower reflexes falling out at times. In fact, installing seatbelts for stairlifts provides manufacturing companies with an easy solution to any law suits that customers might file as a result of sustaining injuries due to a fall from the stairlift. The fact of the matter, after all, is that you can't fall off a stairlift if you've been strapped in and held in place by a seatbelt.

Most stairlift brands today offer seatbelts for stairlifts that can either be wrapped around the waist to hold you in place or can strap both your shoulders. The former is referred to in stairlift jargon as an "inertia reel lap harness," while the latter is called a "static type, 3 point fixing over shoulder harness." Try out both to see which one you're comfortable with. For most a standard lap harness should do. However some might require other types of seatbelts for stairlifts depending on their disabilities. These are readily available though not many manufacturers incorporate them into the design. Securon is one such company that specializes in seatbelt manufacturing. They produce seatbelts that are custom made for a variety of purposes covering everything from stretchers and wheelchairs to cars and stairlifts.

Their websites lists three different types of seatbelts for stairlifts – Emergency locking retractors, buckles and automatic locking retractors. Details about the length of the belt, the type of buckle connection, the length of the webbing, the retractor angle, etc are also provided on their website. Once you've installed seatbelts for stairlifts, there's very little else to worry about, as far as safety's concerned.

The following manufacturers take care of the stairlift market in the UK: Acorn, Freelift, Liberator, MediTek, Minivator, Brooks, etc. All of them offer several types of stairlifts. Check if they have seatbelts for stairlifts you're interested in before you make your final decision.

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