Key locking system for Stairlifts

There are a number of different brands that sell stairlifts to people around the world. However, some of the best stairlifts are the ones which have the key locking systems for stairlifts. This feature of key locking systems for stairlifts is of utmost importance as it allows you to prevent any unauthorized use of the stairlift.

One of the most famous and best brands in this niche is the Acorn stairlift which also has the key locking system for stairlifts. There are two types of stairlifts that are made by this company, one is the indoor stairlift and the other is the outdoor stairlift and both of these models have the key locking system for stairlifts.

Apart from having the key locking system for stairlifts the Acorn models also has another locking feature. There is a locking catch provided for the seat. This allows the user to swivel in the chair and then be able to lock the chair in the right direction. This makes getting on and off the stairlifts very easy and extremely safe. In addition, the stairlift does not operate until the seat has been positioned in the right riding position, hence providing extra safety to the rider at all times.

Acorn is just one of the many brands that provides key locking systems for stairlifts, however, there are other safety measures that need to be a part of the stairlift, let's take a look at all of those features.

- Apart from the key locking system for stairlifts one must check to see if their stairlift has a seat-belt option which keeps the person secure in their seat. One of the companies that offer some of the most convenient stairlifts is the Stannah brand whose seat belts are accessible easily for even people with arthritis.

- Another key feature that some of the new stairlifts have along with the key locking system for stairlifts is the safety sensors which stops the stairlift if it is obstructed by any object.

- Non-slip armrests and non-slip footrests are a must on any stairlift as it makes sure that one doesn't slip of the chair while climbing on or off it or even while sitting on it.

- A stairlift that has low foot rest option is one of the best as it makes getting on the stairlift extremely easy. Stairlifts that have high foot rest make it difficult for people with weak legs to climb on.

- Another important feature is a brake system that allows the person to stop the stairlift if it starts going too fast up or down. It is also known as the over speed governor.

- A key locking system for stairlift is a must as it makes sure no one is playing with your stairlift when you are using it.

Other that these key features mentioned above such as key locking system for stairlift one should also look for other safety features such as adjustable seat height, folding track and swivel seat manual or powered.

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