Curved Stair Lifts

When a person becomes disabled traveling from the first to the second floor can be very difficult if not impossible. There are several options that are available to enable the person to live at home and not have to go to a nursing facility. They can have some construction done and have all of their needed things like the bedroom and bathroom moved to the first floor or they can move to another home that is just one floor. The option that most people choose is less dramatic and involves installing a stair lift in their home.

This stair lift can easily go right on top of their stairway and will allow them easy access to travel between the first and second floor. This is very beneficial to a person who is disabled because it gives them the freedom to use their entire home and is especially necessary for those whose bathroom is on the second floor. Stair lifts are installed on hinged tracks that are attached to the stairs and the lifts travel up and down the tracks. A stair lift can be constructed on a straight staircase or a curved staircase but curved stair lifts require a little more work to install.

Curved Stair Lifts

Curved stair lifts require a little more detail and will cost more to install than a straight stair lift. This is because they will need to be installed so that they fit around the curved part of the stairway. Some people will try to cut cost and put a straight stair lift on a curved stairway which will require the person who is disabled to walk up a few of the steps to reach the lift. This is not advisable at all because it will greatly increase the risk of injury. If cost is an issue, you should check with your local authority to see if you qualify for a grant that can help you cover some or all of the expense of having a stair lift installed.

You should also be sure that proper handrails are installed from the very top of the staircase to the bottom. If you would like to install your own handrails, you can easily purchase a curved handrail at the hardware store that will fit your particular staircase. Although the costs may be more for curved stair lifts, they are able to provide the person with disabilities to become more mobile throughout their home. Reconditioned stair lifts are not good to purchase for curved stairways and you should be wary of anyone trying to sell you one.

Selecting a Curved Stair Lift

Selecting one of the right curved stair lifts can be a difficult decision to make but there a few things to consider before making your decision. You will want to determine what type of lift is best for the disability the person is dealing with. An occupational therapist can examine them and help you determine what type of lift will work best for their situation. You will not want to just take into account their current disabilities but you will want to consider future needs as well. You will also need to take into account which type of curved stair lift will work best with your staircase. Since you have a curved staircase some of the types of stair lifts may fit better than other types. A stair lift contractor can help you determine the best curved stair lifts to be installed.

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