Vertical Stair Lifts without a Shaft

More people want to be able to grow old in their own homes. It is possible to have your house adapted in many ways and there are solutions to many problems. One thing that will happen to you as you get old is that you will find it harder to move around and just getting up the stairs may be a problem.

A stair lift will be the ideal solution for some people but for others that will not be enough help. Wheelchair users may find it too hard to move from their chair to the stair lift so there will need to be a way to help them. A through floor lift is suitable for most people. It will take up more room than a stair lift would but has its advantages. It is less easy to fold away but that is a small price to play for the freedom it gives.

The Location of Vertical Stair Lifts without a Shaft

When the house is assessed the correct location will be chosen. If possible it will put somewhere that will not use up a lot of space or alter the arrangement of the room but it must be accepted that in some homes they will have to be very noticeable. There will have to be plenty of room around the lift as there will be the need to manoeuvre the wheelchair onto the platform. As it will be going to one room from another it will be necessary to make sure that both rooms are suitable. Although it is quite a large contraption it will only take up room on one floor at a time

Suitability of a Vertical Stair Lift without a Shaft

It will be best to decide if you can manage with this sort of lift. Although it is safe and secure you may feel strange at first as it is much more open than a lift with a shaft. In effect you and your wheelchair will be suspended on a small platform while you move through the room. It will have all the safety features that you need including panels at the side and a strap to make sure that you are secure. The door will close once you are in but it is much less claustrophobic than a lift with a shaft as there is nothing above your head. The only problem with this type of installation is the fact that it is usually only suitable for one person especially if they are in a wheelchair. It may need another person to work the controls for a severely disabled user and there are all the safety buttons and alarms that you get with all lifts.

This type of lift will be quicker and easier to install. There will be much less work carried out and there will be less change to the house. There will be the need to fit runners to the wall and a trap door type function in the ceiling. It can be used by anyone but is most often considered for wheelchair users especially those who still have good use of their hands.

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