Vertical Stair Lifts with a Shaft

Lifts become old and out of date and in some cases they can be adapted for use in the modern day. This can be for general use in a building, but can also be of a great help for those with mobility problems. In the home it is not always possible to be able to use a stair lift on the stairs and yet you still need to get up and down stairs. There are a number of reasons for this and can be anything from the stairs being too narrow or too steep to there not being enough room at the top or bottom for the stairs for you to get on or off. This is more likely to be the case where the person using the stair lift is a wheelchair user and needs plenty of space to manoeuvre themselves out of the chair and into the seat. This can also be an expensive solution as there will be the need to double up on equipment as it is not possible to carry a wheelchair upstairs on a stair lift.

The Vertical Stair Lift with a Shaft

This version of the lift will need more room than a lift without a shaft but does have many advantages. Even if it is possible to get in and out of a wheelchair it can still be a struggle. Although it is sometimes possible to get this type of lift fitted in an individual's house it is more likely that it will be used in a structure such as a shopping centre or residential home. There are likely to be more people in need of the lift in these buildings and it is possible to fit more than one wheelchair in most of them.

Inside a Vertical Stair Lift with a Shaft

As well as the extra space many are fitted with a number of small fold down seats as even users who can walk a little way they may need to sit down for the journey even if it is only a short journey. There are a number of other differences to the lifts that you normally use. They are aware that users in wheelchairs will struggle to reach buttons that are high up so controls will be lower down and often listed horizontally instead of vertically. This also applies to the panic button and the telephone.

So far most of these lifts can travel for up to 20m so are not always suitable in larger shopping areas or blocks of flats. Very little will have to be done manually as it is realised that some people may not be able to use their hands a great deal so most controls will just be push button. It is possible to get these for the home but it is more than likely that they will be too big. If the user needs to travel between more than 2 floors it may be the better option and can also help in cases where weight may be an issue. Many home ones have a weight limit and on occasions two people and a large wheelchair may go over that limit.

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