Vertical Stairlifts

Vertical stairlifts are commonly referred to as through floor lifts.  They are designed to allow a wheelchair user to go from one floor to the next whilst being able to remain in their wheelchair.  Of course, having seated or platform stairlifts can be very useful, but for many wheelchair users, it is simply not possible to get out of their wheelchairs and these types of stairlifts are simply not an option.

What Are the Advantages of Vertical Stairlifts?

There are a number of advantages to having vertical stairlifts, such as:

  • Being able to remain in your wheelchair
  • Feeling comfortable and being safe
If you are getting to a stage in your life where you feel that you need a stairlift, it may be advisable to consider whether your condition may deteriorate in future, leaving you fully wheelchair bound.  If so, it may be wise to immediately install vertical stairlifts, rather than installing a different stairlift that will then need to be replaced, having to go through several different installation processes.

Of course, the initial cost of vertical stairlifts installation is quite high, but it may save you a lot of money over time.  As described above, if you do not opt for vertical stairlifts immediately, you may have to pay for two stairlifts in time.  Furthermore, a regular stairlift is not able to carry essential walking items, such as walking sticks or walking frames, meaning that you may have to purchase two of each.

Vertical Stairlifts Design

Vertical stairlifts are now designed to match with the interior of your home.  They can be created in a variety of different colours, and they can be positioned in corners where they do not immediately catch the eye.  They are incredibly easy to install even in very difficult places, such as around existing obstacles like a chimney breast.  Of course, optional extras can be added to make the journey more comfortable and less jerky.

Vertical stairlifts always come equipped with anti slip flooring, making them safe to use by keeping the wheelchair in place.  This also means that only very few movements can be made.  For additional security, most vertical stairlifts will have hand rails attached to them and they will all have a panic button in case something does go wrong.  Furthermore, vertical stairlifts generally have enough space for an additional person (without a wheelchair), to help the other if necessary.  This is particularly useful for those wheelchair users who also have manual dexterity problems.

Exterior Vertical Stairlifts

Vertical stairlifts can also be designed for outdoor use, by manufacturing them with materials that are weather resistant.  Many places such as shopping centres or schools now have vertical stairlifts installed.  This is very important in line with equality and diversity issues, and safer (as well as cheaper) than installing a lift.  In case of an emergency, for example, an elevator will often not work, leaving wheelchair users stranded up stairs.

If you are looking at installing vertical stairlifts in your home or within a public building, it is advisable to request a few free no obligation quotations first.

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