Vertical Stairlifts Without a Shaft

Most people are able to move without any problems.  Unfortunately, for many of us, at some point age catches up with us and illnesses happen, which can lead to us becoming wheelchair bound.  Vertical stairlifts without a shaft can truly be a life saving piece of equipment in these circumstances.

We all know that climbing stairs is easy when our legs and feet work properly, but what do stairs become for those that do not have fully functioning legs, feet or joints?  Often, they will require help from others, which means giving up on large parts of their independence.  In some cases they will need help from other people to move up and down stairs which is dangerous both for the person who is being carried, as well as for the person doing the carrying of course.  Vertical stairlifts without a shaft allow wheelchair users to travel up and down stairs independently.

Ramps and Elevators

Ramps and elevators are another option besides vertical stairlifts without a shaft.  However, ramps and elevators are not found in every building and there are also buildings – particularly old buildings and domestic properties – where it is not possible to install a ramp or elevator.  This issue can seriously restrict the freedom of movement for wheelchair users, who have frequently reported they feel socially isolated.  Vertical stairlifts without a shaft can solve this problem.

There are many different models of vertical stairlifts, including:

  • Vertical stairlifts with a shaft
  • Vertical stairlifts without a shaft
  • Electrically run stairlifts
  • Hydraulically pulled stairlifts
Your individual circumstances will determine which type of vertical stairlift is best suited to your needs and requirements.

Some of the other benefits of vertical stairlifts without a shaft include the fact that they can be used by anybody in the home.  As an example, people whose homes have an upstairs dining room and a downstairs kitchen, can use a vertical shaft to move food and dinner plates between floors.

What Are Vertical Stairlifts without a Shaft?

Vertical stairlifts without a shaft are different from fully enclosed types.  Fully enclosed types are more comparable to an elevator.  Vertical stairlifts without a shaft are more like open sided platforms.  Many people feel this is unsafe although this is a common misconception as extra safety features are included on these types of lifts.

Enclosed vertical stairlifts are used more often outside.  Although vertical stairlifts without a shaft have a range of safety features included, many people do feel unsafe as well as uncomfortable using them outside in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain and wind.  These weather conditions are of course very common in the United Kingdom, meaning that you may prefer installing a vertical stairlift without a shaft inside, but one with a shaft outside.

In order to discover which stairlift is best for you – vertical stairlifts without a shaft or enclosed vertical stairlifts – it is best to speak initially to your general practitioner, who should refer you to an occupational therapist.  Following this, you should try to get some free, no obligation quotations from different vertical stairlift without shafts installers, to learn about the costs and the options available to you.

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