Vertical Stairlifts With a Shaft

There are so many things that we take for granted in life that involve using our legs; quickly popping out to the shops for some last minute shopping for example or going upstairs to get a roll of toilet paper.  All these things that seem so easy and natural to us, but they are a daily struggle for those people that are wheelchair bound.  They are unable to do such simple things, mainly because there are serious access problems for them, both inside and outside of their homes.

Being confined to a wheelchair means that mobility is severely restricted.  Unfortunately, it is also very common for the elderly to become wheelchair bound.  Research has shown these people feel socially excluded, as they are unable to access a range of different buildings.  Luckily, however, there is a range of solutions available to increase access options for people who are wheelchair bound, for example:

  • Vertical stairlifts with a shaft
  • Vertical stairlifts without a shaft
  • Stairlifts
  • Ramps
  • Elevators
Vertical wheelchair lifts with a shaft or without a shaft are powered either by hydraulics or by electricity and work by lowering or elevating an individual to a floor without them having to get out of their wheelchair.

Vertical Stairlifts with a Shaft

Vertical stairlifts with a shaft are also known as enclosed models.  Both the wheelchair and the wheelchair user sit on a platform that is enclosed with four walls.  This is usually the option of choice for outdoor use, protecting the user from adverse weather conditions, such as heavy wind or rain.

Shaft Way Vertical Stairlifts

Shaft way vertical stairlifts are also vertical stairlifts with a shaft and are generally used indoors.  They are comparable to elevators, as they sit within the walls.  These types of vertical stairlifts with a shaft are regularly used in certain public buildings.

Staged Vertical Stairlifts

Staged vertical stairlifts, unlike vertical stairlifts with a shaft, are fully open and only use a platform.  These types are most often used in areas where the platform does not need to travel to great heights.  They are most commonly found in portable versions, allowing wheelchair users to get in and out of a car for example.

Opal Vertical Stairlifts

An opal vertical stairlift is comparable to vertical stairlifts with a shaft but it has an open ceiling.

Vertical stairlifts with a shaft or without a shaft can be used in a range of different situations, improving the quality of life of those who are wheelchair bound.  Many people have gardens with porches for example, however, if mobility decreases, these porches become no go areas.  Vertical stairlifts can provide a great alternative to moving home or letting the garden fall into disarray.

In general, vertical stairlifts with a shaft are used by people with significant mobility issues to travel up and down stairs with their wheelchair in a safe and controlled manner, whilst also being protected from the elements by the enclosure – at times including a roof – around the platform itself.

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