Straight Stairlifts

For people that have mobility issues, one of the most important things in their lives is the ability to retain as much independence as possible.  Very often, a staircase becomes an obstacle as large as Mount Everest, which can have serious consequences, particularly if, for example, the only bathroom is upstairs.  In order to help these people retain their independence and allow them to remain in their homes, installing stairlifts in the home is a great idea.  Stairlifts are a safe way to travel stairs, reducing the risk of falls.  Unfortunately, too many accidents still happen on staircases, which could be avoided by installing a stairlift.  There are two main types of stairlifts available:

  • Straight stairlifts for staircases with no bends or curves
  • Curved stairlifts which are custom made to fit a specific staircase with bends or curves and even spiral staircases

What are Straight Stairlifts?

Straight stairlifts are the cheaper option of the two types of stairlifts, as they are easy and standard to manufacture, as well as being easy to install.  Straight stairlifts are fitted straight to your staircase.  Some models are even designed in such a way that they can be stored away or folded, in order to not present an obstacle on your staircase for those without any mobility issues.  It is important to make sure that the straight stairlifts are the right length, however, for your staircase.  The user should never have to climb any steps at all once a stairlift is installed, as this would pose serious safety issues. 

There are several seating options available on straight stairlifts, depending on what is most comfortable for a user and what their mobility issues are.  It is even possible to have straight stairlifts fitted with a platform that is able to hold a wheelchair.

Managing the Cost of Straight Stairlifts

Unfortunately, straight stairlifts are expensive – although not as much so as curved stairlifts – but there are a number of things that you could do to save money on the cost of stairlifts.  If you find that you require a stairlift and a medical professional agrees that straight stairlifts are the best option available to you, you should firstly speak to your local authority who may have grants available to help you in the costs of adapting your home due to a disability.

If you are not eligible for any local authority grants however, you could opt to install a second hand model.  Particularly with straight stairlifts, it is possible to purchase reconditioned or second hand models that are still very safe.  As their rails are standard, they will fit any straight staircase.  Hence, so long as you are able to see a service history, these are perfectly safe to use.

You could also opt to rent straight stairlifts, which come at quite a low monthly cost.  Over longer periods of time, this will of course become more expensive overall.  Renting straight stairlifts can be a particularly good idea for those who have temporary mobility issues.

As you can see, straight stairlifts are available for anybody that has a staircase with no bends or curves, allowing them to continue to have full use of their homes.

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