Stairlifts With a Wheelchair Platform

Many people don’t realise how difficult it truly is to have a disability or limited mobility.  For those who are wheelchair bound, for example, it is incredibly hard to move to anywhere.  Going up and down stairs, whether it be in their own home or in public buildings, can be a real nightmare.  If they are in a wheelchair and require an item that is upstairs, but there is nobody there to help them, or even if the bathroom is upstairs, there is a real problem.  Luckily, solutions are available.

Stairlifts with a Wheelchair Platform

Having stairlifts with a wheelchair platform installed is a fantastic solution for those who are wheelchair bound to once again have freedom of movement in their own homes.  These are very sophisticated pieces of equipment, and generally come in a three different types, being:

  • Elevator lifts
  • Stairlifts
  • Stairlifts with a wheelchair platform
The type of lift that is most applicable to a person depends on their exact needs and requirements, and can be best advised upon by an occupational therapist as well as stairlift installation companies.  Of course, the structure of the house and the budget of the user also play a large part in this.

Things to Consider before Purchasing Stairlifts with a Wheelchair Platform

There are a number of things to consider before buying stairlifts with a wheelchair platform.  Firstly, people need to ensure that a medical professional agrees that this is the best option for them.  A contractor will then also be able to advise them on whether their house’s structure is appropriate for this type of stairlift, as well as being able to describe what the home will look like after installation.  Sometimes, certain renovations will be necessary to the staircase.

What Will Stairlifts with a Wheelchair Platform Contractors Need to Know?

There are a number of things that a contractor will want to discuss before installing stairlifts with wheelchair platforms.  They will check the actual structure of your staircase to ensure it will be able to carry the weight of the lift.  Furthermore, they will need to make sure that the landing is solid and appropriate for the stairlift as well.  Of course, contractors need to comply with a range of health and safety laws, to ensure that accidents are unlikely to happen once stairlifts with wheelchair platforms are installed.

The main reason to install stairlifts with wheelchair platforms is of course to allow those who are wheelchair bound to once again enjoy a significant degree of freedom of movement.  Many public buildings also ensure that these types of stairlifts are included in their buildings, to comply with equality and diversity laws, but also in relation to safety.  If a building only has lifs, for example, and an emergency occurs, these will often cease to work.  This means that anybody that is in a wheelchair is effectively stuck up stairs.  Often, other people that are present will then be unable to leave as they will want to help these people, potentially also causing injuries to themselves.  This can all be resolved by installing stairlifts with a wheelchair platform.

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