Stairlifts for Unusual Stairs

There have been many different times the one cannot use a stairlifts for unusual stairs and that is when the person who uses it is not able to switch seats from the stairlifts for unusual stairs to a wheel chair and another is where it would not fit in the stairway. Cumbria now offers a vertical home lift for these cases. Step Lift model SP500 is for steps that would be at the entrance of a home.

Cumbria VM models are vertical home stairlifts for unusual stairs. These are very user friendly since they are very easy to use. They are very flexible units. A Step lift SP500 will offers many different features that will make things safe and easy to use.

With the VM model you will be better to lift you up to your first floor of your house from your ground floor so much easier then you could believe something like this could do. You can also get affordable seat with this model. The car will be wider due to the fact it will also carry a wheelchair along with the person who needs to use it.

The SP500 will handle a wheelchairs weight along with the passengers. It is a smaller design and has a very shallow ramp to make sure it is very safe for the user. This will help out more than one would think till you really give the SP500 a shot.

The VM model from the 30 to the 56 are different kinds of stairlifts for unusual stairs that can carry a assistant, the user and the users wheelchair. This system only takes up to 3 days to completely be installed. And won't make your walls all messed up like you would think would happen when you are having this kind of system installed.

You controls are at either side of you and you will be able to be in all control for once and for all. It does have a built in ramp so you exiting the house and reentering will be no problem at all. You will not even have to change your walls to have this stairlifts for unusual stairs installed. You do not have to worry about your guests tripping over the rail due to them not seeing it. It isn't a huge rail but it is noticeably to someone who is looking for this sort of thing knowing it is there. That should easy your mind a little bit in this topic.

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