Stairlifts Designs

Stairlifts are made specifically for those who have issues with mobility with safety and comfort in mind.  A stairlift is a wonderful addition to the home as it improves your ability to access all areas of your residence.  It will give you back the freedom of movement that you may currently be struggling with and enable you to retain a tremendous level of independence.

Features within Stairlifts Designs for Safety and Comfort

Any stairlift that is of any quality will have a range of different safety features.  It is important to ensure that you have the safest possible stairlift installed, as accidents do happen.  Some of the most common and important safety features in stairlifts designs are:

  • A seat that can be adjusted
  • Foot and arm flip ups
  • A track that is covered
  • A rack
  • A drive structure
  • Controls to call and send the stairlift
  • Additional cushioning on your seat
  • Armrests with padding
  • Arms that can fold in
  • The back of the seat can be contoured
  • Rails that can be folded
There are two main types of drive operations within stairlifts designs - AC powered and battery powered.  Most AC powered stairlifts will have a back up battery in case of a power cut, which is an important safety feature.

Well Known Stairlifts Designs for Long Lasting Performance

The quality of a stairlift is one of the most important factors that you should consider when you are looking at stairlifts designs.  Only those manufacturers that use quality and durable materials will be able to provide you with a stairlift that is made to last.  Good stairlift manufacturers will always provide you with a warranty on their stairlifts designs, giving you peace of mind in case of manufacturing problems.  There are many brands that you could consider, including Stannah, Acorn and Dolphin for example.  Some of these stairlifts designs are made specifically for outdoor use.

Installing Your Stairlift for Additional Comfort

Of course, once you have chosen a stairlifts design that is suitable for your mobility level and your staircase, it is important that it is installed correctly otherwise it may not be safe or comfortable.  Every stairlift manufacturer will offer an installation service for all of their stairlifts designs to ensure that it is fitted correctly and that it is safe to use.

If you are lucky enough to have a staircase that can be fitted with straight stairlifts designs, you may be able to install the stairlift yourself or with the help from a friend, but it is important that you know exactly what you’re doing before you choose this option.  In the case of curved stairlifts, however, installation is incredibly complicated and you should not attempt to do this yourself. 

As you can see, there are many different stairlifts designs available but the main thing to ensure is that you choose a design that is right for your mobility level, your comfort and your safety, as these are the most important things.

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