Stair lifts With a Wheelchair Platform

Everyone likes to be able to be as independent as possible and there are now many adaptations that can be put into your home to allow you to stay there as long as possible. Stairs are a problem as you get older, and it is not always possible to get up and down without help. There is the choice of turning one of the rooms downstairs into a bedroom and just living on one level, but this is not an option many people would want to be limited to. There are ways of getting upstairs now and they are easier for some people than others. Depending on how mobile you are the more choices you have, but if you find it very difficult to get around and are in a wheelchair, it will not be as easy.

Using a Stair Lift with a Wheelchair Platform

The sort of stair lifts that are most often fitted are chair lifts, standing lifts and perching lifts, but these need a degree of strength in the arms and legs to enable you able to use them. If you are in a wheel chair and are not able to get out of it there is now a way that you can still manage to go up and down stairs. It must be understood that this is not going to be suitable for installation in every home. The platform takes up a lot of room and some stairs are just too narrow. As it folds up when not in use it is not then that there is the problem, but when it is opened out to allow the wheelchair to go on it. To carry the weight it has to be a sturdy platform and wide enough for the wheelchair to fit on it comfortably. Many staircases especially in older houses will just not be wide enough to allow it to be fitted.

There also needs to be room at the top and foot of the stairs. The platform needs to be level with the floor so as the chair can be rolled onto it. The same is true at the top of the stairs so they will not be suitable for many old type terraced houses where there is not a great deal of room for a wheelchair anyway.

Safety Reassurances

Once on the platform the journey will be safe and smooth. The platform has a slip proof floor and is also slightly raised around the edges meaning that if the chair does move a little there is a barrier to stop it falling off. There are large arms that will completely surround the back sides and part of the front of the chair and passenger. The controls are push button so there will not be a great deal of strength needed and they do not have to be used throughout the trip. If there is a problem there is an emergency stop button.

All stair lifts should be fitted so as they go from the top to bottom of the stairs and while some people try to save money by not doing this with some lifts, it is not possible to do it with the wheelchair lift.

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