Side Hung Stair lifts

However hard some organisations try to make their property accessible to all, there will always be an occasion when it appears that someone wants to access their premises but are not able to use the stair lift. A side hung stair lift is a type of through floor lift. It has been designed to combat the fact that some lifts are very difficult to enter for certain users. This will be suitable for most users who have experienced problems getting into other designs of lift.

A number of companies that provide many different types of lifts are pleased to add the side hung lift to their collection as it is a product that will make it much easier for many people to move around between floors. The lift is lightweight and is made up of a strong aluminium frame.

Advantages of a Side Hung Stair Lift

If there is not a great deal of room in the property the side hung lift allows the rails to be installed at right angles. This means that windows will not be blocked and it is possible to install the lift even if there are obstacles that prevent you installing a different type of lift. The side hung stair lift has few restrictions and they are suitable to be fitted in most properties. They can hold a weight of up to 36 stone, meaning that a severely disabled person does not have to be in the lift alone. It is easy for the person and their wheelchair plus a carer or helper to use it at the same time and not damage it. It is the strongest drive that will allow this and as a result the lift will be able to rise up to 3.6m. Uneven floors will not be a cause for concern as there is a self levelling mechanism that counter acts this.

Helpful Side Hung Stair Lift Items

One thing that is very important is the fact that there are clear panels meaning that the person using the lift will always be able to see out. There are also grab rails so if there is a feeling of insecurity they can be held onto. The lift is equipped with large user friendly controls and has a time delay light. As well as the items listed, the side hung lift has all the safety features of all other lifts. The entrance is large and has a ramp meaning that it is easy to get a wheelchair of any size into it.

Although the room where the lift is based will lose a lot of room as the lift itself is large, once it has been moved to the other floor much of the space returns. The only sign there will be that a lift is in place is the sight of the three poles against the wall. This is the mechanism that moves the lift up and down and they will not ruin the look of the room. The designers of the side hung lift have done all they can to make sure that it is as easy as possible to use and also that it is an attractive design.

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