Short Rise Lifts

One of the most well known short rise lifts is the EVO 350.  It is designed to offer a very simple solution for those who require access with a wheelchair, both outside or inside public buildings.  The EVO 350 short rise lifts can even be installed in domestic properties if necessary.  In a domestic environment, they can change in levels up to 2 or 3 meters.  The design of these short rise lifts is done in such a way that they are pleasing to the eye and, perhaps most importantly, require little to no structural work to the existing building.  Some of the main benefits of the EVO 350 are:
  • They are simple to use
  • They do not need a recess
  • Installation takes just one day and little to no building work is required
  • Maintenance and running costs are very low

An EVO350 Short Rise Lifts Case Study

The client in this short rise lifts case study is a nursing home based in an old Victorian building.  They offer short term breaks, respite care and long term care and are in the beautiful surroundings of Kent, with beautiful cliffs and the stunning coastline.

The problem is that the nursing home is built out of two old Victorian properties joined together to make one.  A major renovation project was undertaken in 2003 by the owners and they installed an external stair lift, so that residents were better able to access the building and enjoy the surroundings.  However, this stair lift broke down in 2009 and the original installation company had gone out of business, meaning that the care home had to look at an alternative solution.  The owners initially looked at other companies to install a similar lift, but found there was a waiting time of at least three months before installation could take place, which was not an option for the home. 

Through EVO, the owners were able to find an installer for brand new short rise lifts and installation was guaranteed to take place within four weeks.  A site visit was undertaken and a quotation provided within three days and the owner of the nursing home agreed to continue.

The EVO 350 short rise lifts were installed specifically where a level of change of up to 3 meters was available.  These short rise lifts are made out of stainless steel, meaning they can operate both indoors and outdoors.  They were installed quickly and easily and because the system is so easy to use, it took no time at all for the residents to once again be able to enjoy mobility.  Another main benefit was for the owner: the running cost of EVO 350 short rise lifts is very low, meaning that their expenses overall actually came down.

As you can see, EVO 350 short rise lifts are a great solution for people with reduced mobility and they can be installed quickly, with much less waiting time than with other lifts.  And as they are both easy to use and easy to install, you could be up and running with short rise lifts in no time.

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