Portable Short Rise Lifts

Stairlifts in all their different shapes and sizes are a fantastic addition to the homes of people with mobility issues, as they enable them to easily and comfortably travel up and down their stairs – even if they use a wheelchair.  In this day and age, many different versions of portable short rise lifts can be found, by a variety of manufacturers, which means that almost every type of staircase or step can be adapted to the needs of people with mobility problems.

What Are Portable Short Rise Lifts?

Portable short rise lifts are usually used by those people who have a temporary access need.  These types of lifts can be moved from one place to another and are hence not fixed.  Portable short rise lifts are generally quite small and are easy to set up due to the fact that they are designed to be used in different locations and specifically for lower heights.  They can be used, for example, to get into a car or to access a raised platform such as a decking area in the garden.

Unfortunately, portable short rise stair lifts are quite expensive and range from around £1,400 to £3,000.  It may be possible, however, to opt for second hand portable short rise lifts, thereby potentially saving quite a lot of money.  Buyers are always advised to try before they buy and to consult with an occupational therapist to decide which portable short rise lifts best suit their needs.

Why Should You Buy Portable Short Rise Lifts?

There are many reasons why purchasing a portable short rise lift may be a good idea.  For example:

  • They are very easy to install and setting them up requires little to no effort
  • They are very easy to use as most of them have plug and go facilities.  This means that you just need to plug them into the wall and they will be ready to operate.  Because most portable short rise lifts come with shallow ramps and easy to use controls, you should have no issue operating the lift.  Furthermore, most portable short rise lifts come with a remote control.
  • Portable short rise lifts are generally available for both indoor and outdoor use and all you need to indicate when purchasing one is where you will be using it (for example the stairs leading up to your front door, a pool, a car, etc.).  Some portable short rise lifts can be used for a variety of different reasons and are multifunctional.
  • The maintenance on portable short rise lifts is very low and all that really needs to be done is the occasional battery change once the existing one expires or breaks.  Generally, a battery is insured for around 3 years, but it is advised to change them every year.
  • Portable short rise lifts are very easy to store and can generally be folded up and placed in a car or cupboard.
  • The most important thing is probably that portable short rise lifts are very safe and have a range of extras such as seatbelts to further increase their safety level.
As you can see, investing in portable short rise stair lifts could be the answer to all your mobility problems.

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