Perching Stair lifts

Stair lifts have become a way to allow people to stay in their own homes when in the past they would have had to move into a house with someone to look after them. They will no longer have to decide to live downstairs and move their bedroom down there, but are now able to get up and downstairs quite quickly.

Choosing the Right Perching Stair Lift

Depending on the problems you have there are different types of lift to choose from and you and your house will be fully assessed before a lift is installed. Many people find that there will be a problem with both seated and standing lifts. They may not be able to bend their legs fully so not be suitable for a chair lift, but will need help as they are not able to stand for the full trip. Stair lifts are going to make the trip up or down stairs easier for you, but they are not always fast. If you cannot balance for long you will need help. There will be hand rails but again this may not be the complete solution. If you do not have the power in your hands to grip the bars it will still be a difficult journey. There is a third option that will help in cases like this. Some lifts allow you to perch on them and are a cross between a seated lift and a standing lift.

During the assessment it will be decided if this is a suitable option for you and a number of things will be taken into account. One of the main ones will be your height and headroom as you go upstairs. You may be able to walk up there without a problem but if you are on a platform it will be a different matter. The width of the stairs will be important. A narrow stair case will not allow you to use a chair lift, but as long as you can balance for a short period of time this is the ideal option.

Your Ability to Use a Perching Stair Lift

Your ability to get on and off a platform will also need to be considered as there is no point having a lift you cannot use. If there is likely to be a problem at the top of the stairs because you have a landing and then stairs that continue, it is possible to have a platform placed actors the stairs and it will save you having to walk up any stairs that go off the main ones.

If you are almost upright this will also stop the problem you may have once you need to get out of a chair at the top of the stairs. If you do not have a great deal of strength in your hands or are not very steady on your feet, you may not be able to balance properly and this can lead to you falling. Even if you are able to fully sit and stand at present this may be an option to consider for the future. If your condition deteriorates it will save you having the original lift taken out and a perching one put in.

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