Outside Stairlifts

There are many different brands and manufacturers of outside stairlifts available on the market today.  One of the most famous brands, however, is the Bruno Electra Ride, which is an elite stairlift and the stairlift of choice for many people the world over.

Advantages of Bruno Electra Ride Outside Stairlifts

There are many advantages to installing the Bruno Electra Ride Outside Stairlift, such as:

  • It is a heavy duty outside stairlift, able to carry very heavy weights, making it one of the most ideal outdoor stairlifts for those who suffer from reduced mobility due to obesity.  Of course, with heavier weights, it will move slightly slower, but it is perfectly safe.
  • This type of outside stairlift comes with protected covers that allow the stairlift to remain undamaged in adverse weather conditions, such as snow and rain.  The added benefit to this is that the cover remains attached to the outside stairlifts at all times, meaning you don’t need to find yourself at the top of the stairs, only to realise you have left the cover at the bottom.
  • The quality control of the Bruno Electra Ride is one of its main advantages and it is made to last for many years.
  • There are many safety additions included in these types of outdoor stairlifts, preventing accidents as much as possible.

Disadvantages of Bruno Electra Ride Outside Stairlifts

Of course, there are some disadvantages as well. 

  • The protective cover, for example, although generally an advantage to these types of outdoor stairlifts, can sometimes get in the way and you do need to be fully aware of how to store it, so as not to cause any safety issues.
  • Another problem with the Bruno Electra Ride outside stairlifts is that they can only be fitted to straight staircases.  However, there are very few outside stairlifts that can be attached to a curved staircase.  The positive side to this, however, is that the cost is much lower, as curved stairlifts are incredibly expensive.
  • Another disadvantage to these types of outdoor stairlifts is their weight.  They are incredibly heavy models, because they are made out of heavy duty materials.  Anyone thinking of installing this specific stairlift should ensure their staircase is structurally able to carry the weight of the stairlift.  Of course, a contractor or installer would be able to provide further advice on this issue.
This is but one of the many brands and manufacturers of outside stairlifts that are available on the market.  In order to find out which one is best for you, it is advisable to first speak to a medical professional such as an occupational therapist.  If they confirm that outside stairlifts may be suited to your needs, you should consider contacting at least three different installation companies and request free, no obligation quotations.  This will allow you to compare the options that are available to you with regards to outside stairlifts, and it will also ensure that you receive a fair quotation, as the prices should at least be similar on each quotation.

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