Outside Stair lifts

Once there is a stair lift set up in your home you will be able to enjoy your freedom to move around quite often without the need to involve other members of the household. Once the weather is warm you may wish to go out more and if your garden has steps, you will find that you again need help to get around.

There is now the chance to have an outdoor stair lift. It is fitted in very much the same way as an indoor one, but here they may be able to deal with some problems that could not be overcome indoors. As there is much more room outside there could be a platform fitted where there is no room indoors and in the same way a chair lift can be put in instead of having to use a standing lift.

There will still have to be a visit made to decide which type of lift is best, and then you will be told of the features available. Firstly it will be waterproof and that will have been expected. It is no use having a lift that will rust or fail as soon as it rains. There will be a cover provided and this should be used as added protection.

Features of the Outdoor Stair Lift

It will have all the comfort and safety features that an indoor chair would have such as a padded seat and safety straps. Outside this is even more important as a fall could be onto stone. The outside chair lift will still fold away when not in use as there is no point in using up room in the garden when you do not need to. There will not be the assumption that because you are able to go outside you have any more strength or dexterity than any other person needing a stair lift. All the controls are easy to use and it will still be possible for other family members to help run the lift if you are unable to.

Ease of Use of an Outdoor Stair Lift

An outdoor stair lift is just as easy to use as an indoor one. As many people are able to access their property through the garden they lift will be at the bottom of the rail when you leave. If you then want to enter through the front this will leave the chair at the bottom of the rail. You are supplied with remote controls to enable you to call the chair back up to the top and it does not need another person to walk down to collect it.

Price of an Outdoor Stair Lift

As all circumstances are different it is not possible to say how much an outdoor stair lift will cost. While the actual equipment may have a set price installation and adaptation of walls or the like will add to the cost most companies will send out an engineer to give a free quote and once they have been out to measure up and know what they are dealing with, they will then tell you how much you will need to spend.

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