Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor stairlifts are specifically designed to be able to withstand outdoor elements and adverse weather conditions.  One of the largest companies in the United Kingdom that manufactures outdoor stairlifts is Acorn, who also focus on making stairlifts that are specifically designed to be used outside.  Their outdoor stairlifts have the same options and features as their advanced indoor stairlift models but they also come with a waterproof cover, to ensure your stairlift stays clean and dry when not in use.

Speaking to Acorn for outdoor stairlifts is a great idea, due to the many benefits that they give, such as:

  • Free no obligation survey and quotation
  • Outdoor stairlifts that are attached to the stairs, rather than the wall, meaning that little to no structural work needs to be done
  • Beautifully designed stairlifts that are slim line and designed in such a way that they can be folded away.

Acorn Outdoor Stairlifts Features

There are many features that make Acorn outdoor stairlifts so good, including:

  • Parts that are made to last outdoors by being made of weather proof materials
  • An additional cover that is fully waterproof
  • A seat and backrest that have added padding, to ensure the ride is very comfortable
  • Paddle switches that are directional, meaning they are very user friendly, even for those that have issues using their hands appropriately
  • A safety belt included as standard to ensure users remain safe and secure
  • Arms, footrest and a seat that are slim line and can be folded away, enabling those who do not use the stairlift to access the staircase
  • A swivel seat that can be locked, meaning that the user can get on and off the seat safely, eliminating the need for the body to turn
  • Installation that is very quick and leaves no mess, due to the fact that the stairlift is attached to the staircase rather than the wall.
  • An on and off switch that can be locked, meaning that only authorised people can use Acorn outdoor stairlifts
  • A digital display that tells you essential things about the stairlift, very useful if outdoor stairlifts ever malfunction, indicating where the problem may lie.
  • Additional safety features such as five sensors that are placed on both the carriage and the footrest, allowing outdoor stairlifts to stop if anything is blocking the rail
  • All of Acorn’s outdoor stairlifts are supplied with two remote controls as standard, allowing the user to send the stairlift up or down the steps via remote control.

Acorn Outdoor Stairlifts Technical Specifications

Acorn’s outdoor stairlifts are comfortable and safe.  The stairlifts travel at around 0.15 meters per second and run on a 24 v DC rechargeable battery, meaning the outdoor stairlifts can be used in case of a power shortage.  They are able to carry up to 20 stone in weight, meaning they are also safe to be used for larger people.

As you can see, if you are looking at outdoor stairlifts, Acorn is a company that you can trust to deliver great quality and safety, allowing you to once again have full use of the outdoor areas of your home.

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