Hinged Rail Stairlifts

There are many different kinds of stairlifts available in the UK. Some of these include sit/stand stairlifts, folding platform or bridging stairlifts, perch stairlifts, etc. This article will focus on the hinged rail stairlift and its features.

In what situation should you opt for a hinged rail stairlift? That's the first question that comes to mind. A hinged rail stairlift is a good choice if there's a chance the rail of the stairlift might encroach upon the space that leads to another room, in other words, a doorway. Having a rail sticking out in your path can result in some untoward accidents. To avoid such a hazard, a hinged rail stairlift can be installed which is basically a normal stairlift in all aspects but one – the end of the railing is hinged and can be folded back when the stairlift isn't in use. This will allow you to access the room at the end of the stairway without any obstructions.

Once you've decided that the hinged rail stairlift is what you require in your home, it's advisable that you shop around a little before you make your final buying decision. This is because the hinged rail stairlifts available in the market vary greatly in terms of both price and quality. While shopping for your hinged rail stairlift, it's important to keep a few things in mind.

  • Choose a hinged rail stairlift manufacturer that has earned a sturdy reputation for itself in the market.
  • Check out all the accessories that come with a hinged rail stairlift and decide on those that you might require, at the time of purchase. Check with each manufacturer what accessories they are willing to include in the price. Often most manufacturers include such accessories as seatbelts in the price they've quoted.
  • Choose a hinged rail stairlift that comes with a life-long warranty if possible. This might cost a little more than the other ones that are covered for only a year or two, however, this is one way of ensuring quality without the fear of it giving out in the short-run.
  • Find out whether the installation costs are included in the price quoted and also check on the duration of time it will take to have the hinged rail stairlift installed in your house. Many manufacturers also agree to inspect your stairway at home and let you know if the installation is possible at no additional cost. Get this done, by more than one manufacturer if possible so you can choose the one that offers the best value.
  • Choose your stairlift in accordance with the width of your staircase. If it's too narrow then getting yourself a stairlift with foldable parts would work best. You could also decide on the type of stairlift you want including one that allows you to sit/stand or perch according to what's comfortable for you.
  • Choose powered options for folding various parts of the stairlift if you lack mobility and find it difficult to bend.
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