Folding Stairlifts

Folding stairlifts are great for those who live in a household with people who do not need to use a stairlift. These folding stairlifts can be bought with certain options such as folding arms, folding tracks, folding arms, folding foot rests, folding rails and folding seats. This makes the folding stairlifts more compact for your stairway. Therefore, providing more room for those who do not need to use a stairlift.

Folding stairlifts can be purchased as electronic stairlifts or as manual stairlifts. Straight folding stairlifts are considered to be more cost effective then curved folding stairlifts. However, keep in mind that straight folding stairlifts will only work if there is only a small curve in the top of your stairs or if your stairs are completely straight. Straight folding stairlifts are also not recommended for those who have very bad mobility problems, vision problems, fainting or dizziness.

Folding stairlifts are simple and easy to fold and unfold. To unfold your folding stairlift you will start with you are going to gently press down on the arm of the seat. Your foot rest should automatically come down. This is a great feature in the folding stairlifts as it does not require you to bend down. To fold up your folding stairlift all you need to do is put the arm rests up and then put the seat up and you are done. When the arm rests go up, the foot rest goes up with them. For those folding stairlifts that have a folding track, it is a great convenience. As the chair for the stairlift takes you up the stairs, the track folds up to the wall along the way. The folding stairlifts track will then unfold as you come back down the stairs. This helps to prevent tripping and the track getting in anyone else's way until you are ready to use it again. The folded chair can be folded and sent up the stairs when it is not being used to help avoid any other inconvenience or hazard that it may cause.

The downfall for folding stairlifts is that it has a weight limit of 300 pounds. So for those who are using stairlifts that are made for obese people, the tracks are not an option. However, that is the only barrier when it comes to folding stairlifts. Therefore, folding stairlifts are a perfect option for those who have others that need to use the stairs.

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