Childrens Stair lifts

When small children are in a wheelchair or are not able to walk as well as others, it is easy for parents to carry them up and down stairs. Once they become bigger it becomes harder, and will also be inappropriate for them to be carried up and downstairs by other adults. This could be at school or in a hospital and it is then that children's stair lifts are needed.

Once they get older they will be able to use the same lifts as adults but there is a stage in between when they need one of their own. The problems with adult lifts for small children are a combination of the size and the controls. A small child may not be secure in an adult lift. The seat will be large and they will be able to wriggle around. It can be frightening for them if they do not feel secure. They may not be big enough to reach the safety handles and this can cause them to feel unsafe. Their legs will be shorter and so they will not be able to put their feet on the platform. This will again leave them less secure and at risk of getting hurt.

The seats are specially designed for smaller bodies and the controls will be suitable for a child to use. They will be able to use the lift themselves or an adult will be able to take control. The same sorts of lifts are available for children as adults and they can be fitted to the same sort of stairs as bigger ones.

Cost and Funding of Children's Chair Lifts

It is possible to get funding towards the cost of having a children's stair lift installed. This will normally come through the local council, although there are charities that will also help out. Through the council it is referred to as a Disabled Facilities Grant. There are certain criteria that must be fulfilled but they are not difficult to understand. There must be a disabled person living in the house and the applicant must be the home owner or a tenant. The person the grant is being applied for must be under 19 years of age. You must be prepared to stay in the same property for five years, as there may be concerns that you will have the lift fitted and then move to another home and want another one in that property. This applies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland whereas in Scotland each authority will provide Home Improvement Grants and this is what a Scottish resident will need to apply for.

Using the Children's Stair Lift

It is important that a child fits safely and comfortably on the lift. Some children may be able to use the smaller seats, but in some cases there are disabilities that will make it uncomfortable for them to use one. In cases like this, a child can be assessed and a seat will be made that is ideal for this child. There will be particular areas padded and as the child grows this can be removed. It is possible to fit this seat to a number of existing lifts.

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