Portable Short Rise Lifts

Stair lifts are a very useful tool for people with disabilities, because it makes it easier for them by moving automatically up and down the stairs (available for wheelchairs as well). They are now found in many different versions by various manufacturers to fit every buyer's need. Portable short rise lifts are used for a temporary need of access and they can be moved from one place to another. Portable lifts have a generally small lift as they are not as massive as the fixed ones. Setting up doesn't require very much effort because they are designed to be used for smaller heights. The places in which this equipment can be taken advantage of are for example entering a vehicle, a garage or accessing a stage.

This equipment is in general quite expensive and requires planning ahead. The lowest prices you can find for a portable short rise lift are around £1400. Some lifts go up to £2000-3000. A less expensive version could be a reconditioned one. It's best to test it before buying, or consult an occupational therapist to help with the choice.

Why Purchase a Portable Short Rise Lift?

Those who need help with accessing a low height platform may choose a portable short rise lift for several good reasons:

  • Easy to install – for setting up there is a minimum effort.
  • Easy to use – modern technology made possible the production of models that are very comfortable to use (plug and go facility). With the help of a ramp that has a shallow approach, and with convenient controls, using the device is easy. It usually comes with a remote control.
  • Models for outdoor and indoor use – you can choose from a broad range of options regarding the destination of the model, such as the entrance stairs, trains and pools. There are some models that can be used anywhere.
  • Low maintenance – the device doesn't require heavy upkeep, only several changes of batteries in case these expire or deteriorate, or some other minor malfunctions. The batteries have a general warranty of 2-3 years, but in most cases they go down to 1 year.
  • Easy to store – the portable lift models can be easily folded for transportation and are generally small in size, so the storage can be facilitated.
  • Safe to use – the devices have a secure construction. They can come with seatbelts, adjustable seat height or other accessories that make the transportation safer.

Where to Buy a Portable Short Rise Lift

There are several websites of stair lift producers that offer different models:

  • http://www.terrylifts.co.uk/ - Terry Lifts is a company specialised in developing accessibility for people with disabilities. They offer not only stair lifts, but also help with the whole installation process.
  • http://www.dolphin-access.com -Dolphin Access Lifts have an alternative solution for stair climbing.
  • http://www.ddalifts.co.uk/
  • http://www.innovatelifts.com/ - The Innovate Lifts company have among their products a model of a portable low rise lift that comes with several safety measures (arrestor bar, bellows for the scissor mechanism and a system that operates on a low voltage) and a remote control.

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